About Every Single Unit

We are chiandchi design studio. Since we started designing watches, we have been thinking about the following question:

What is the role of a watch? What should the basic features of a watch be?


In our observation, a watch on the wrist is in fact like eyewear on the face. It is not only a functional item but also a stylish accessory that reflects a user’s personality. So we wonder whether it is possible to develop a watch that can be worn like eyewear, showing and highlighting a user’s uniqueness by what one dresses, a watch that makes you the main character, a watch that is easy to wear and match.


ESU is the abbreviation for Every Single Unit. ESU is a watch designed for everyday use, a watch that tells a story and portraying the personality of a user. There is a spiral-patterned structure on the top of the watch case which allows you to change the bezel with ease depending on what you wear for your need. No tools or techniques are needed. It is a breeze to remove or install the interchangeable bezel by just turning it. There is no logo on the dial of ESU. We believe other than being labelled by brands, outfits and accessories can reflect a user’s personality. The simple and easy-to-match design of ESU reminds you of the reasons for wearing a watch.

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