introducing the premium tkl gaming keyboard.


Project Vision:

This project aim is to design a high performance, symbolic and elegant mechanical keyboard targeted for work from home gamers. Initiated with user interaction in mind, to create an intuitive and well-thought design to maximize user experience, with a low-profile appearance which can be blend seamlessly into any environment. 


60% Game Consoles & Controllers,

20% Audio Products,

10% Minimalist,

10% Retro.

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Begin the project with sketches to convey the initial concepts. During exploring the general appearance,  It was necessary to keep the balance of the needs of gaming and working status, slim and easy to control, yet able to blend into the environment. The sketches were classified and evaluated for the next development.


The process was exploring the concepts in three-dimensionally by creating quick 3D models. It was important to consider the look and the way of use through the user's point of view. I was studying for a perfect form that could be matched with varied angles posture of the keyboard.


When designing the interfaces, the position and size of keys and indexes were adjusted by grid and proportion, arranging them according to the user flow and importance, presenting them concisely and neatly on the premise of space-saving without compromise the usage.


The result is a cutting edge mechanical keyboard that finely tuned to enrich the experience in gaming and typing. The product makes a strong tangible connection with its technical features, by optimizing the keys and extra features, it increased the efficiency and precision for gaming, typing and even multitasking. The rounded-edge, minimal line and compact appearance that providing more room for mouse movement and fits in a variety of environments. A keyboard that invites more target users to explore the fun of gaming keyboard.

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Fully customizable per-key lighting and dynamically reacts with games, videos, and music.




Easily switch between stored modes and cross devices to perform custom actions in games and applications with a simple roll. 



Dedicated controls give the user instant access media and adjust the volume without interrupting the game.



Inclined body plus adjustable feet for different angle settings, makes the keyboard more comfortable for intense gaming and typing sessions.

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The keyboard features low-profile key switches with Doubleshot keycaps provide satisfying tactile feedback and durability. The milled aluminium case with an anodization process ensures a stable and robust enclosure for everyday use.

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